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Real Estate Guidance

Despite rapid changes in the real estate industry with the introduction of new agency models, the advice of a knowledgable broker remains as valuable as ever.  Real estate should always be considered "in context", based on local market conditions that agents monitor and evaluate every day.

Investment Planning

Real Estate is an excellent way to diversify an investment portfolio.  Whether it is in a single family rental, a commercial property or even a land purchase, I help my clients understand the various options and evaluate the pros and cons according to their investment objectives.

Property Valuation

Whether you inherited a property or are ready to liquidate a purchase you had made, market conditions may have shifted around you.  Frequently, the highest and best use may have changed from its original intent due to surrounding development or other market shifts around the asset.  A knowledgable broker can help clients understand the full spectrum of opportunities for your property and recommend a valuation and marketing plan based on this assessment.


RM REIM LLC is an independendant Developer and we would love to speak with you about development ideas or projects you might have!

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