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Rental Tour and Placement Services


RM REIM is pleased to offer expert guidance to individuals and families seeking rental properties in the Triangle area. From single rooms for students to apartments and houses, we will work with any client and any budget for a single flat fee.


RM REIM has created a resource list and actively monitors the market to help clients identify the best value.


Reach out today and allow us to help you find your next rental!


Cost: Initial promotional of $400.00 flat fee.



  • Interview client via phone or zoom to identify the client’s rental needs.

  • Identify properties that would fit these needs and schedule a 1-day tour of up to 6 hours, tour window to be arranged when most convenient for the client (9-3, 10-4, etc).

  • Pick up, tour, and drop off of client, water and snacks included.

  • Help identify the best value and negotiate the lease for the client.

Contact Errin for more information:

Office: 919.869.7971

Mobile: 919-236-9551


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