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Welcome Community Mask Makers

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Who we are: We are Girl Scouts Cadettes from Troop 1808 D. Our names are JoJo and Maggie.

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Our Mission: we are trying to connect the community to make masks for those who need them by getting the neighborhood together and connecting people who have materials and people who can sew.

What Next?!

We have a google form with names and contact information for participants describing what materials each has and what skills they are offering.

  Examples of Materials

1. Sheets

2. Fabric

3. Non-stretchy cotton

4. Shoelaces

5. Elastic 

  Examples of Skills

1. Sewing

2. Cutting out the patterns but not sewing

3. Delivering finished masks

If you would like to participate please email us at and we will share your neighborhood google spreadsheet with you.

                                                                 Surgical Style Mask               Olson Style Mask

How well the mask fits                               -          well                                outstanding

Breathes well or retains moisture                 -       outstanding                        outstanding

How many layers of filtration                      -            2                         2 but more can be added

How easily is the mask put on and taken off -          easy                                   easy          

How often is the mask reused                     -         always                               always

How is it cleaned                                      -         laundry                              laundry

How difficult is it to make the mask             -        sort of hard                          hardish

We are so glad you want to help.  Here are our favorite how-to videos to make a surgical style mask, and an Olson style mask.

Surgical Style Mask

Olson Style Mask

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